Sunday, December 6, 2009

Bowling for Sammy

Well today is Sammy Pants's birthday, but we celebrated on Friday by going bowling. It was the five of us as well as our secretaries Emily and Penny, and some friends Nic, Jeff, Rita, and Julia who showed up later. It was a great time even though I sucked it up on both games. The best part of the night was watching the other bowlers. We had a group of boys next to us who were crazy. Some of them were so skinny it looked like they were having problems throwing the ball and getting it to the end of the lane. One of the boys had the craziest hair I have ever seen. It was poof ball in the back and straight bangs. 
On the other side of us we had an older man that looked like he was trying to throw the ball to Taipei. He would lift the ball over his head and then whip it around.
We also saw a dude hit himself in the face with a bowling ball. He fell down and dropped the ball after it happened (I would have too as well as yelling a few expletives). But this kid played it cool even though he but through his lip and was bleeding. He just got a tissue and shook it off. I had to hand it to him. I must admit I felt bad, but I did laugh as well. I mean seriously how do you hit yourself in the face with a bowling ball? 
The end of the second video is the best. And yes that is a boy, not a girl. I know it can be hard to tell. 

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